Mission: To provide a professional partnership between students, faculty and leaders in the energy industry through cooperation, mentorship, research and education.

History: The TCU Core Storage Facility began as an idea from members of the Energy Institute's Board of Advisors and some of the faculty in the Geology Department. Larry Brogdon, Bob Penn, Dan Jarvie, Floyd "Bo" Henk from the Energy Board along with John Breyer (Geology), Milt Enderlin (Geology) and Ken Morgan (Energy Institute) took an active role in securing and planning a facility to help the industry keep Barnett Shale core locally in Fort Worth. This became a reality in 2008. 

Beginning in 2009, Professor John Breyer began to coordinate receiving and researching the donated core. EOG and Matador Resources were the first companies to deposit several pallets of core. This was followed by a generous donation from Pioneer Natural Resources to construct offices and a climate controlled viewing area in 2010. From 2011 - 2014, the 9,000 square foot facility housed thousands of feet of organized and well kept core from all over the region.

Today we have a new location with a total of 15,000 square feet, with more storage, and additional viewing / classroom and room to grow. Our team of faculty and staff keep the facility open for private viewing, tours, workshops and student research related to the geology, sedimentology, petrophics and geochemistry of the core samples stored on site.

For more information about the TCU Core Storage Facility, please contact the facility Coordinator: Carl Kurtz, 682-321-3964 or c.r.kurtz@tcu.edu .

Texas Christian University Core Lab

3300 W. Bolt Street, Fort Worth TX. 76110



ALERT: TCU Core Lab has moved to their new location. Note the ADDRESS CHANGE. Parking is on the west end of the building, the enterence of the Lab is the last door between delivery doors on the far east end.


October 2014 - A big THANK YOU to Dr. Bo Henk of Pioneer Natural Resources as he presents the TCU Energy Institute with at $50,000 donation. The money will cover half the cost of an XRF for the TCU Core Lab's new location. The Energy Institute will match the other half.

Photoed: Milt Enderling, Dr. Bo Henk, Dr. Ken Morgan, Veronica Merrill, Carl Kurtz, Dr. A. Busbey, Dr. John Holbrook, Dr. H. Alsleben.

Dr. Morgan of the Energy Institute participated in the ground breaking ceremony for Applied LNG's newest 31-acre natural gas production plant site on Thursday November 20, 2014. The plant is located in Railport Business Park of Midlothian Texas, and is set to begin production in May or June next year.

Applied LNG is the second largest producer of liquified natural gas in the U.S. For more follow this link to the Midlothian Mirror. LNG Story: